As an independent contractor I have worked on nearly every aspect of web development and project management which means that I am able to work alone to meet critical deadlines. I also have a great amount of experience working in teams and work well in any team role. I am a very easy going individual who likes to have fun, but takes business very seriously. I am a goal driven results oriented individual who is willing to do whatever it takes to see projects through to completion. My ultimate goal is to help bring success to my team through hard work and dedication.

Though my knowledge in marketing specifically may not be vast at this point, it has truly become a passion of mine in the recent past. Working for CEDR Solutions LLC. has opened my mind to the world of marketing as well as many doors of opportunity which I am excited to explore. Given an opportunity to work with your company, I can assure you that I would make the best of it by learning and applying as much as I can to produce real business solutions. Also if the opportunity presents itself I would love to share my marketing experience with your team. By welcoming me to your team you are also bringing marketing experience that may be valuable to your company. I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss with you the value that I can add to your team.